death of the author

Your name is Taro Tanaka. You are a criminally ordinary high-school second year. You have friends, and hobbies, but the more you think about it the more it seems that you are not living a correspondingly ordinary life. For one thing, you can’t remember the last time you really saw anyone other than your three two friends. Leaves fall outside your window, but they never seem to pile up. No matter how often you sleep and wake, the sun always pierces through your curtains in the same way. Even in your dreams, there’s always a rooftop, there’s always a girl in a gas mask and sailor uniform, and she always shakes you by the shoulders and calls your name. You wake up, skin covered in sweat, face covered in tears. There’s always another chance. Tomorrow is another day, Taro Tanaka.

Death of the Author is a story about living under a microscope with no one looking through it. Please, look forward to it.